Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't miss out on the Next Biggest Thing to hit the internet.

In hindsight, when you consider how many large successful companies have been formed in the past, like EBay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, MySpace, Apple, and Twitter, if you could turn back the clock and be involved on the ground floor of any of those organizations, Would You?!! Most of us would say YES!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PromosOncall is searching for Account Executives

You want something that you could do totally from home, but if you're like me, you want to be able to get out and about once in awhile too, right?
Plus, you want something where you don't alienate your family and friends trying to get started?
Well I think I may have the best of all the above.
Today more than 63% of all Internet users are searching online for local businesses and services. We believe through our People-to-People model that we can help 95% of all local businesses that do not have an online presence. Who better to "LINK" those companies with a solution than "YOU" - their customer. The FUN is that YOU will be rewarded to visit all of the local businesses in your area . You've been searching far and wide for that perfect home business, correct?
Go to my Site The One Word and let me show you how easy (and fast) it is to get started in your own home business.
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I look forward to helping you to succeed.

Cheers, Will Brodt

More tools for Advertising your business

PromosOncall has added the power of online advertising to our arsenal of business tools. You can learn more at .

Are you confused by how to promote your business locally online?
Are you confused by the maze of information about Google Ad Words, Search Engines, Banner Ads, YouTube, Social Networks ... all that confusing don’t know, don’t want to know computer “stuff” to promote your business online?

Do you even have the time, energy and dollars to properly evaluate, much less utilize the endless promotional opportunities available to you on line?

We have a total online advertising solution that is local, affordable, targeted, trackable and most importantly Easy to Understand and Do. Shoot me an Email and we can set up a time to show You How to Start Getting More Customers Now.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now You Can Build Your Own Website - IT'S EASY!

Our Web Builder Is So Easy To Use

You don't need any design or programming, CSS, HTML experience to use it. Our features are pre-built ready for you to use, right now! If you can type a letter and click on a mouse, you will be able to build a great website. As for the design of your site, we have over 1,600 website templates to choose from. Don't see something that you like? We can customize your look of your website.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Build Your Own Business Website - For people who can't build websites

Traditionally getting a website for your business meant spending thousands of dollars on designer, software, support softwareand hosting. This is not the case anymore.
In the last few years a number of technologies have beendeveloped that will allow even the most novice user to build their own website for their business.

Probably the best builder available is is simply the easiest and most powerful website builder available. is packed full of powerful features, many which are unavailable on other technologies. Ecommerce,newsletters, shopping cart, email, photo albums, catalogs, coupons, auto responders and much much more All for less than $20.00 per month.

You will find creating and updating your site a breeze. Mostchanges only require a click of your mouse and editing text isjust like typing a letter with an editor that looks just like MSWord. If you can use a mouse then you can make a great website. is the only technology that is directly comparable to a custom site built by a professional web development company. I highly suggest giving the Free Trial a try, you have nothing to lose and your business has everything to gain.